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 Refiners Army


Connecting   Training   Equipping   Activating 


Warriors in the Body of Christ



We believe that the Body-of-Christ and this Nation stand in need of spiritual and physical warriors to lead and serve the Body of Christ and impact the community!   That we are in need of training to lead with light through persecution and the earth's travails before Our Lord's immanent return!

God is Equipping an Army Through the Furnace of Affliction to Lead With Light in Darkness

Seeking Recruiters in your Area  

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Waging War in the Heavenly Realm....
Loving, Serving, and Protecting
on the Earthly Realm....

Recruiting Warriors

Why Should I Enlist in Refiners Army?

We are COMMITTED to:

CONNECTING - Connecting Men's and Women's groups across the Nation!

Training - We are committed to bringing the best-of-the-best trainers from across the Nation to the Body-of-Christ!

Equipping - Putting our enlistment fees back into the community to provide for operations and missions for the Kingdom!

Activation - Recruiting and supporting groups that are active in the community!

Preparation - For End Times Tribulation

Enlistment Fee

We are committed to using your twenty dollar a month contribution to build and equip you and the Refiners Army to impact the Body-of-Christ!

If at any point you do not hear and see the impact on you, your family, and your community just cancel your enlistment!

What You Get

  • Connected to local warriors, groups, and missions for the Kingdom.

  • The best training and equipping courses from National experts in their fields every 60 days.

  • Cell phone faraday cage from our Cyber Shield partner.

  • Refiners Army Dog-Tag with your RA enlistment number. 

  • Access to our coming E-books with one download per month.

  • Recommendations and reduced pricing on "Legacy Vault" Items.

Recruiting Bonus

We are committed to supporting groups that are "Active" in their local community.  If your enlistment number ends in xxx00 when you sign up  (200, 13400, etc.) then we send you $50 immediately.  And we send $50 immediately to the E-lite Squad in your area or a local ministry in your area in your name.  If you are the xx000 member then we send you $500 and the affiliate group $500 in your name!  SO for every 100 and 1,000 members we immediately give back to the Kingdom!


Mathew 24: 7-8  For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. And there will be famines, pestilences, and earthquakes in various places. All these are the beginning of sorrows.....

Disaster Prepardness

Join or Launch an Elite-Ops Squad

B . O . M . B.  Squad
Band of Misfit Brothers

W . O . W .   Squad
Women of War

These elite squads are through application only.  To be considered for a squad there is a commitment and  ecumenical covenant to Christ, their Families,  and the Body-of-Christ

Covenant to:

  • Prayer

  • Worship

  • Accountability

  • Active in a local church

  • Committed to Tithe and Offerings

  • Training

  • Kingdom operations/missions

Each Squad will receive financial support for local operations from membership fees and products sold in their community.

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