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Refiners Army
Waging War in the Heavenly Realm....Loving, Serving,
and Protecting on the Earthly Realm....

We believe that we are called to spread the
Gospel of Christ. That he is the answer of hope
in all ages and in all times. That we are also
called to take care of others in the body of
Christ as we are one family.

We believe that the church should be prepared
for the end times. That the earth will be in
travail with birth pains before the

return of Christ that will be felt by the whole

We have been given warnings in the scriptures
that unbelievers have not. That there will signs
in the heavens and on the earth, earthquakes,
pestilence, famines, wars, and rumors of wars
with persecution against Church.

The church should be the most prepared
because we have been warned in the scriptures
and should be prepared for the last days. That
regardless of whether you believe in pre-
tribation rapture, mid-tribulation, or certainly if
you believe in post- tribulation rapture you
should be prepared! Mathew 24 is absolutely
certain to occur!

We believe that the church is woefully

underprepared for what We KNOW is coming.
We believe that we are in the end times and
that we can work together to help those that will
be in need. For those that believe in pre or mid
tribulation rapture we can leave a legacy for
those going through the great and terrible

We also believe that persecution will break out
against the church in the last days. That it is an
inevitable reality according to the scriptures.
We believe that preparing for that inevitability
will allow the church to lead with light in
darkness. That there will be a great harvest
through the persecution.

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