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In Amos 3:3 it says:  "Do two walk together unless they have agreed to do so?"

But you have to KNOW each other before you can agree to do so!

That is why the Lord gave the vision to CONNECT first!

Unity in the Last Days will cross theological, eschatological, and denominational differences and present unique opportunities to be the hands and feet of Christ!  When persecution, famines, and natural disasters happen we tend to forget what divides us and live in the love that unites us as believers.

This is a grassroots movement of the Body of Christ to prepare for bringing the love of Christ through His love in the Last Days.  We envision a network of believers across the Nation sharing resources, communication, training, and a love for Christ, their family, the family of God, and the lost to bring the gospel in the last days.

We envision a network of believers that can leverage communications, supplies, prayer, and tangible physical and spiritual support for such a time as this.  For example: A nationwide network of HAM radio operators for emergency communication.  A backbone communication system on Christian servers as well.  Groups across the nation to discuss the needs in their area with implementation strategies and provisions coordinated across the nation with prayer intercession! 


Leveraging our unity across platforms for discounted training, conferences, supplies, and whatever needs arise as each part of His Body supports the Kingdom.

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