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Exceptional  Lastdays Intentionally Trained Equipped           Squads


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The Lord has given the vision of thousands of enlistees in every State across this Nation.  It all begins with one squad at a time devoted to the Commander of the Heavenly Hosts and listening to His guiding voice!

We are committed to recruiting, training, equipping, and activating those warriors to lead with God's love in darkness.  Each Squad, Company, Battalion, etc. will be supported by the enlistment fees in their area.


Each Squad will have its own unique characteristics but will have a core strategy of supporting the Body of Christ and the community when wars, rumors of wars, famines, pestilence, earthquakes, and persecution reach the shores of this Nation and the Body of Christ


Each Squad will be committed to meeting once per month outside of their commitments to their local church.  Refiners Army supports the local church but is NEVER to be a replacement for active participation in the local church.

Squads make a covenant to:`

  • Prayer

  • Worship

  • Accountability

  • Active in a local church

  • Committed to Tithe and Offerings

  • Training

  • Kingdom operations/missions

These elite squads are through application only.  To be considered for a squad there is a commitment and ecumenical covenant to Christ, their Families,  and the Body of Christ.

Exceptional  Lastdays Intentionally Trained Equipped           

These elite men and women warriors are intentionally, connecting, training, and activating their spiritual and physical gifts to be effective in the last days.  These squads are by application only.  Each squad may have different focuses.  For example, one might have an emergency response focus, while another intercessory prayer and another on personal or family preparedness.  If there is not one you fit in or in your area, we will help you launch one!   God always makes room for those who want to serve him wholeheartedly in His Kingdom!

Band  Of Misfit Brothers          

These elite warriors are men being Kingdom focused men to lead their families, church families, and community knowing all of the earth's travails in the last days.  Like the ELITE squads each men's squad will take on its own uniqueness to their focus and skillsets.

Women of War          

These elite warriors are women being Kingdom-focused to lead their families, church families, and community knowing all of the earth's travails in the last days. Each of the women's squads will be unique to their focus.

Email us and we will send you the application and covenant

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