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We are connecting the Kingdom in these Last Days!


Our affiliate recruiters/influencers earn monthly income for every recruit

They earn $2.00 for every enlistee recruited 

If they recruit another recruiter/influencer they will earn $1.00 for all of their recruits

(All earnings are paid monthly and are indefinite as long as they are active members and their enlistees remain active)

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An Influencer is a believer who has their own mission for the Kingdom.  They use their spheres of influence and platform to refer enlistees to RefinersArmy. Influencers receive a commission for every Enlistee and Recruiter who they enlist in RefinersArmy. 

They may be:

  • Individuals

  • Podcasters

  • Bloggers

  • Pastors

  • Teachers

  • Conference Leaders

  • Etc,

Kingdom Influencers desire to use their personal and God-gifted platforms of influence to connect the Body of Christ and support the vision and mission of RefinersArmy.




A Recruiter is a covenant partner with RefinersArmy.  They will still use their spheres of influence to recruit for RefinersArmy but we are in covenant to grow the Army together along with their earnings.  

They will receive an additional referral fee from all of the enlistees in their assigned area.  They will be responsible for communications in the local area. Work with local churches, conferences Christian events etc.  Our goal is to partner together until they reach the goal of $5,000 monthly income and convert to an employee with bonuses


Private - $10-$1,000 monthly revenue

Corporal - $1,000-$2500 monthly 

Sergeant - $2,500- $5,000 monthly

Staff Sergeant - $5,000 + Monthly

(Can Elect Employee+bonuses)

Officers Supervise States/Regions

Whats The Difference?

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